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Established in 1981 through the efforts of Mr. S.K. Martei and Mrs. Monica Atswei with only two students, Ford Schools Limited now has a little over seven hundred student-population. The school has three departments being Preschool, Primary and JHS as it is rated ‘A’ by Ghana Education Service (GES). Although the school currently runs the Ghana Education Service Curricular, it uses modern and innovatively student-centered ways of teaching that support students’ development. The School is also a co-educational institution that admits both boys and girls. Our facilities equally support different sporting activities to run co-currently. Our efficiently air-conditioned bussing system ensures students’ comfort to and fro as they get conveyed to their various homes after school. We equally have dedicated and professional teachers whose pre-occupation is teaching as we ultimately prepare students to sit and excel the yearly Basic Education Certificate Examination {BECE} organized by WAEC. The school opens from Monday to Friday in the early hours of 6am and closes at 5pm. This is to ensure that parents and guardians who personally wish to bring their wards to school early do so before going to their various places of work.
Our purpose is to be a leading education center providing quality education yet affordable for students aged one to sixteen years, thus envisaging an ambiance conducive for all students desirous of knowledge and skills, irrespective of their religion, gender, creed or race, as we believe that every individual has an innate potential that can be stimulated and harnessed for greatness
Ford Schools Limited is solemnly dedicated to developing students’ minds by providing them with qualitative instructional code aimed at nurturing them to take up the mantle of leadership wherever they find themselves. Through partnership with parents and staff, we shall set sails for the advancement of our students.
Hard work————We put our all in training and mentoring our students. Excellence————We change the good to better whilst the ultimate is maintained Adaptability ———– We guide our students to fit in diverse societies. Discipline—-We inculcate rules that support students’ self-control and respect for authority. Determination —– We strive for appreciable results no matter the storm.


The leadership I provide stems from the doctrine of Collective Responsibility, aimed at guiding our team to achieve the ultimate goal of imparting knowledge, carefully understood by teachers and confidently taught in the classroom. At Ford Schools Limited, the service of team work is understood right from the security post through to the Headmaster as well as the Director. With cooperation from parents and discipline from our students, coupled with hard work and determination; we shall continue to soar like the eagle. On behalf of the entire Staff and Management, I wish to congratulate all the 2016 BECE Candidates for their comportment and exceptional performance in the just ended Final Year Examination organized by WAEC. To all our stakeholders, I SAY AYEKOO!

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